Mike Kenna

Parent | Educator | Advocate

Contributing to the improvement and betterment of the education for students has been part of the heartbeat of my everyday life for the past 25 years.

It began right out of college when I chose to be a seventh and eighth grade teacher.  For eight years I had the privilege of motivating young adults and teaching them the joy of reading and the importance of writing.  Over those eight years I learned that every child has a unique path with unique needs.  It is the job of the education system at every level to identify that path and those needs for each and every child.

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I Promise

As a Parent

I will remember that every vote I make impacts the future of our kids.  In the end, every person who is involved in Northstar education is in the service of our children.  Every vote I cast will be for a present classroom that guarantees a better future for our students.

As an Educator

I will continue to develop curriculums that drive and inspire student achievement.  I promise to vote for programs and initiatives that give teachers the needed independence to find new and creative ways to engage and inspire our students.

As an Advocate

I will fight against the red tape imposed upon our district that hamstrings our progress. I will be a voice that fights for progress, whether it is fighting to keep programs for our children that inspire and broaden their horizons, developing a school bus system that works, or finding employment stability for our educators and their team.

Pictured right: My daughter Lillian (9th grade) and my son Theodore (6th grade).

The Issues


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Pictured: My daughter Lillian.



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Pictured: My daughter, Michelle, poses with my mom, Josephine, at Michelle’s graduation.